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SLEEP'N Atocha
SLEEP'N Atocha

Private offices and sustainable spaces in a prime location

From €540

  • The world is changing and so is your business. If you are an entrepreneur and you are cooking up a big idea or you are already running a start-up, we can offer you private offices and unique spaces in a safe (sterilised) carbon neutral building.
  • Located in Madrid’s Golden Triangle of Art and only a short walk from Atocha Railway Station and El Retiro Park. The centre is ours . Or rather, yours.
SLEEP'N Atocha

The first accommodation with B Corp offices in Spain

  • SLEEP’N Atocha was born in 2016 to boost a new kind of tourism and help build a new kind of city. Today we are proud to announce that we are the first B Corp accommodation in Spain and the second one in Europe, a hallmark that certifies our meeting the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and corporate responsibility.
  • We aim to contribute to improve our environment, prioritising the people and the planet. But we cannot do it alone. We need to do it hand-in-hand with our providers, partners and guests. That is why it is important to remember that anyone who enters SLEEP’N Atocha is changing the world with us.
  • Per day, per week or per month, helping us change the world is your choice
SLEEP'N Atocha

Look at all the things you will find in your private soundproof office…

It is important to us that you feel and work better than at home. That is why you can rearrange the office to your taste. We will help.

  • 15 m2 with an outside window and a private bathroom (shower included)
  • Offices equipped with 2 chairs, desk light, telephone, waste basket and Bluetooth speakers.
  • High speed WiFi
  • Individual AC/Heating
  • Access with electronic card or mobile phone
  • Your business logo on the entrance to your office
  • Working material available (paper, pens, pencils, Post-It… ) available at cost
  • Printing and photocopies (up to 10 copies free of charge), free scanning
  • 24/7 reception, we welcome your visits
  • 24 hour call centre. We will take all your calls
  • A host for everything you might need
SLEEP'N Atocha

And also

  • Free coffee/tea and pastries (from 11:00 to 19:00)
  • Free use of the communal areas
  • 24-hour reception, 7 days a week; we will welcome your visitors
  • 24-hour Food & Drink service with a 10% discount
  • Technical support
  • Transfer*
  • Use of private function rooms for projections/meetings/events with a 50% discount
  • Buffet breakfast at a special price (€6)
  • If you want to take a nap or have to work extra hours, you can book one of our rooms by the hour or by the day with discounts of up to 15%

*Extra fee

SLEEP'N Atocha


  • Per month: €600
  • Per week: €170
  • Per day €40
  • 10% discount for contracts of more than 3 months’ duration