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SLEEP'N Atocha


SLEEP'N Atocha

Sustainable offices and spaces at prime location.

The world has changed and so has your company. Whether you have a well-established business or a growing startup, we offer private offices and unique spaces in a completely safe environment.

  • Located in the Triángulo del Arte and just a few steps from Atocha Station and Retiro.
  • Per day, per week or per month, you choose.
  • Flexible offices with maximum privacy and 24/7 access.
SLEEP'N Atocha

Included services:

  • 15 m2 space (3 people) with exterior window and private bathroom (including shower).
  • Free use of the common areas
  • Offices equipped with 2 chairs, desk light, telephone, waste basket and Bluetooth speakers.
  • A host for everything you might need
  • 24/7 reception, we welcome your visits
  • High speed wifi
  • Soundproofed offices
  • Individual AC/Heating
  • Daily cleaning/sterilizing
  • 24 hour switchboard
  • Free coffee/tea and baked goods (from 11 am to 7 pm)
  • 24 hour food and drink service with a 10% discount
  • 24h mail and package receiving
  • Printing and photocopies (up to 10 copies free of charge), free scanning
  • Working material available (paper, pens, pencils, Post-It… ) available at cost
  • Social and fiscal address.
  • Access with electronic card or mobile phone
  • Your company’s logo in your office
  • Technical support
  • Use of private rooms for screenings/meetings/events with a 50% discount
  • Breakfast buffet, special price €6
  • Rooms per hour or per day with a 15% discount
SLEEP'N Atocha


  • Per month €600 + VAT
  • Per week €170 + VAT
  • Per day €40 + VAT