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SLEEP'N Atocha


We are carbon neutral

SLEEP'N Atocha
SLEEP'N Atocha

Not everything is fair game to reach the top

At SLEEP’N we believe in a better world for everyone and we know that, in order to achieve it, it starts with us. We are seriously committed to our society, to our human team and to the environment. We want to reach the top but only in a responsible manner. If you would like to find out more about us, our environmental commitments and the objectives we have set ourselves, click on the Sustainability Report and the Three R’s

SLEEP'N Atocha


I am my company and who I buy from

There is no point in being responsible at home if the companies who we buy from undo all our hard work. That’s why at SLEEP’N we have always chosen products of the highest quality from local companies (minimising carbon emissions derived from transport!) which are eco-friendly (recyclable packaging) and, where possible, which like us strive to integrate people at risk of social exclusion. Click here for more details!

SLEEP'N Atocha


A safe working environment is best for all

There are potential occupational hazards in all jobs, from getting hit on the head at a construction site to cutting yourself with fault scissors in an office. At SLEEP’N we have carefully checked all our facilities and daily procedures in order to minimise the chances of an accident occurring to any member of our staff. Click here to check out our procedures and the steps we have taken for this purpose.

SLEEP'N Atocha


The house where we all coexist

At SLEEP’N we know how important the environment is and we do everything possible to protect it for what it is: our and everyone’s house. You can make a donation to reforesta.es and/or use its Also, our procedures in all departments are designed to be able to re-use before recycling and recycle before minimising use. This way, we can reduce the impact caused by our daily activities. To find out more about our eco-friendly products, complete staff training and everything else we do to protect the environment, click here.

What’s more, at Sleep’n we believe animals have the right to live without pain and suffering. WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION

Read the full report of our collaboration with Reforesta 2019 here

Find out how we have reduced our carbon footprint here

SLEEP'N Atocha

Work and respect

It is they who make the SLEEP’N Atocha experience a satisfactory one. For this reason, our labour policy strives for the well-being of the professionals who work for us, constantly introducing different improvements which make it possible.

Labour and Human Rights Policy

SLEEP'N Atocha


A certificate of environmental commitment

We are proud to have been awarded the ‘Gold’ Travelife certificate. Having attained it has helped us improve our personal preparation and the suitability of our facilities in order to be as eco-friendly as possible. Visit Travelife and help us, because together we can make your trip a truly sustainable one. Be a responsible tourist!

SLEEP'N Atocha

Integration with the local community

We identify completely with the city of Madrid, which is why we foster respect and promote its culture. We collaborate with our closest neighbours in order to contribute to our community’s progress in other equally important aspects, such as economic, social and environmental development.

Local community

SLEEP'N Atocha

Quality understood the right way

Training, personalised service, ready facilities, established objectives… SLEEP’N Atocha is fully committed to quality. We offer an impeccable service to all our guests.


SLEEP'N Atocha

RESPECT TOWARDS CHILDREN. Respect towards life

SLEEP’N is an official member of ‘TheCode.org – We protect children from sex tourism’. Sex tourism is a reality which is difficult to comprehend but which does exist, and we cannot just simply look away from this problem. All SLEEP’N employees have studied and passed a test which has given them knowledge on how to identify these situations and act accordingly. Check out our Ethics Code. We foster respect amongst our staff

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