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SLEEP'N Atocha

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Rooftop SLEEP’N

The new Rooftop SLEEP’N is a pleasant, quiet space where you can relax and disconnect while enjoying the wonderful views. Here you can have a good time eating breakfast, enjoying a drink or celebrating an event.

Picnic breakfast

We temporarily suppress the buffet breakfast on our fantastic terrace but serve a personalized picnic breakfast in your own room at a very affordable price. You can also take your breakfast to the rooftop or to our library always keeping the recommended safety distances.

A quiet and welcoming place with a buffet breakfast in which you choose how much and what you want to eat.

If you are one of those that prefer a lighter breakfast with 100% natural juice and toasts, or if you prefer a heavier breakfast, no matter, the SLEEP’N breakfast is made for you!

Miss Sushi, Telepizza, KFC, Starbucks and McDonald’s

You don’t have to leave your house or SLEEP’N to eat well. Choose the Asian, American, Italian food… that you like the most and we’ll take care of the rest. Before you know it (20′) you will be enjoying your order, without moving from your room!

SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha


From 11am to 7pm

Have you ever woken up late craving a freshly-brewed coffee? Are you one of those people who can’t go without a good coffee after eating? Or do you prefer tea in the afternoon in true British style?

Whatever your tastes may be, don’t worry: at SLEEP’N Atocha’s Coffee Corner we invite you and your friends to enjoy as many coffees and infusions as you want.

SLEEP'N Atocha



Would you relax after a long day? Come to the rooftop in the 7th floor to get yourself a glass of good wine, a soft drink of your liking or that whiskey glass with ice that clears your mind. Good music, good sights and a welcoming place in itself. You gonna miss it?

SLEEP'N Atocha



24/7 Need a bite or a drink? You will find a minimarket in the lobby selling sandwiches, homemade pastries, snacks, drinks, gifts and souvenirs all day and all night.

SLEEP'N Atocha


Meetings & Events

Need to arrange a business meeting? A presentation? Need a place to hold an interview or welcome a visitor? Here’s why we think you should look no further. At SLEEP’N, we not only give you the chance to use a pleasant and cosy space, we also have all the technology you need. A projector, sound system, high-speed WiFi…

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SLEEP'N Atocha


From goose to goose, faster… If it’s one of those days when the weather is getting you down or you simply can’t be bothered to go out exploring, that’s fine! SLEEP’N has the best board games to wile away the hours: from the mythical Monopoly to the fun-packed Pictionary.

Come with friends or take the opportunity to meet new people. Are you game?

SLEEP'N Atocha


Don’t miss that thrilling football match or your favourite chick flick – We have a mini cinema with a selection of screenings. Plus, the popcorn is free!

SLEEP'N Atocha

Make a stand against climate change!

Here’s a chance for you to make a difference.

Want to help us plant trees? If you decide your room doesn’t need servicing one day, we will donate € 5 to Reforesta to help make our planet more healthy.

SLEEP'N Atocha

You can sleep easy that night!

Not ready to leave? Feeling too comfortable? Is it because of our pillow menu or our mattresses? Take the SLEEP’N experience home with you! We can help you get a mattress like ours (because we know you’re going to miss it!). Consult us

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SLEEP'N Atocha

I don’t want to miss out!

We have someone on reception 24/7 to give you top tips about Madrid’s secrets.


Mini cinema selection

Free high-speed WiFi

Reception open 24/7

24 hour tea and coffee dispenser*

Public parking (in front of the hotel)*

Laundry service*

Locker service*

Concierge service

Express check-in/check-out service

Check-in before 3 pm subject to availability

Check-out after midday subject to availability*

  • *Service with a surcharge

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