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SLEEP'N Atocha
SLEEP'N Atocha

100 times more effective than bleach

We are responsible and sustainable, that is why we use a product without toxic substances and 100 times more effective than bleach.

Since 2019, at SLEEP’N Atocha we sterilize all rooms and common spaces as a preventive measure.

We want our clients to feel comfortable and safe, we take care of you and the planet.


SLEEP'N Atocha

Endorsed by:

SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha SLEEP'N Atocha

Main entrance

SLEEP'N Atocha

Full body sterilizing spray for anyone entering or leaving SLEEP’N Atocha. Doormats with a sterilizing product for shoes and suitcase wheels.

Check-in desk

SLEEP'N Atocha

Methacrylate screens / panels. Infrared thermometers; Temperature screening on all guests.


SLEEP'N Atocha

Online check-in and check-out without having to visit the hotel desk.

Access to rooms

SLEEP'N Atocha

Access to SLEEP’N rooms through a mobile device without the need of a key.

Sterilized rooms

SLEEP'N Atocha

Specific and more demanding cleaning protocols; the rooms will be sterilized and sealed after cleaning.

Sterilized common areas

SLEEP'N Atocha

More frequent cleaning by sterilizing any type of surface. Safety distance signage on the ground.

Individual protection

SLEEP'N Atocha

Sterilizer, masks and gloves for guests in common areas and rooms. Personal protective equipment and specific training for all SLEEP’N staff.


Breakfast (€4); We temporarily remove our buffet from the terrace but we serve up a personalized “picnic” breakfast in your own room or in common areas, keeping the safety distance. Room Service 20′ Telepizza and Miss Sushi, KFC, Starbucks and Mc Donald’s. SHOPP’N 24 hours with all kinds of national and international food and drink products to take away or take in common areas.